Mother Earth

Our home 'Planet Earth' is such an amazingly beautiful, colourful world. 

'Mother Nature' never seizes to amaze her children. 

She is constantly showering us with bounty of colour,

fragrance, purity and unmatchable 'Beauty'!

Our beautiful planet –‘Mother Earth’, created over eons ago, with great care, love and patience, by the ‘Source’ of all, to accommodate, entertain, and nurture her children, that’s us - humans.


Over time due to power struggle, greed and ignorance we managed to abuse and damage our home to such a point that it is now on the verge of total destruction.  Destroying the ecosystem, soil, air, water… the entire environment, where it has reached a non-reversible stage. 


The only way forward - STOP and take stock of our own life and work out ways where we can end environmental pollution starting of course with our own homes, spaces etc.

We all the inhabitants of Earth, therefore we need to stand up and take the necessary steps to sort out the mess we created.  Ignoring the problems or secretly wishing that someone else will handle it is not going to take the problems away. 


Please let us collectively help heal our planet.

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