Uses & Benefits of Hemp...

Image showing the many uses of Hemp, one of the most useful plants on Earth: hemp seeds are excellent source of protein, minerals and dietary fibre. Contains all of the essential fatty acids and amino acids required by the human body. Common ingredient in lotions and many other skin, hair and cosmetic products. Ideal material for making paper. Fabric, Textiles and rope. fuel. Plastic alternatives. Building materials
Image shows - Hemp seeds and what it contains. what it is good for, its benefits, its vitamins etc....
The very useful Industrial Hemp: Hemp cultivation requires no chemicals, pesticides or herbicides. Hemp Seeds: ..... Hemp Stalks: .....
Image has a petrol tank - Hemp for fuel. Hemp makes more fuel, fiber food & medicine than any other plant and it was the first crop sown over 12 000 years ago. An acre of hemp produces 300 gallons of oil, 3 tons of protein and 30 tons of fiber a year.
Logo: *Eco Friendly * 100% Natural*
Cotton vs Hemp: Cotton needs twice as much land as Hemp. Cotton needs 9.758L to grown 1Kg of fibre, cotton pollutes the water and leaves the land scorched due to its high pesticide & herbicide needs, Cotton account for 25% of all pesticides use worldwide, Organic cotton lessens the blow, although it is not nearly as sustainable as Hemp.  Hemp produces twice as much fibre per acre.....
Modern Day uses for Hemp: Industrial Textiles, Building materials, Food, Industrial Products, Consumer Textils, Personal Hygiene etc....
Fords Hemp Car (Grown from the Soil) One of Henry ford's first cars ran entirely on Hemp ethanol. The body was constructed from Hemp plastic, which was 10x stronger than steel....
Picture of the Lotus Eco Elise car made with hemp
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