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This is a beautiful story about a little girl called Rosy. Because she did not follow her Mummy‛s instructions, she was stranded at a train station for a few hours.


She was very sad and frightened! Luckily, she met a little elephant called Ganesh who was travelling to a zoo. Ganesh looked after and comforted the little girl, and they became very good friends.


This is a story with an important lesson for all children – a story that is also heart-warming and comforting.

Copies of "Little Rosy..." has travelled to America, Australia, Singapore, China, Cape Town, Gauteng and Durban.  

The book is already part of a number of libraries within South Africa and Australia.

  • Published by Xlibris 2013

  • Published by Jabiru Publishing 2014


Illustrated by Kasthurie Govender


ISBN: Softcover 978-0-9923237-1-4

          E-Book 978-0-9923237-2-1